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Letter from Historic England regarding listing request of Nissan Hut and Air Raid Shelter

Extra Ordinary Meeting 7th May     Update Statement

Bembridge Parish Council needs to ensure the longevity and sustainability of assets and current services and be ready for any new requirements as part of the devolution deal.   We are seeking your views on which services you believe are needed.

Bembridge Parish Council has taken on most of the discretionary services that were provided by the Isle of Wight Council. They will soon start to look at the statutory services and these are less apparent. There needs to be a realistic approach to what can be delivered within our budget as there is a potential cap on the precept to be implemented by central Government. There is an ageing population with the younger generation’s worker longer in life meaning fewer volunteers are coming forward. The asset stock is vast; most of which are old buildings requiring a lot of investment to bring them up to modern day standards. Some of these properties are underused.

Statement 20th January 2017 click here

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Wednesday 9th November 13.00 Small Hall, Village Hall for Arts  notes of meeting

Monday 14th November 10.00 Small Hall, Village Hall for Drama   notes of meeting

Tuesday 15th November 10.00 Small Hall, Village Hall for Horticulture and others   notes of meeting


Bembridge Community Hub – Update Report

Following the survey which concluded on 11 December, and the public consultations held early in November, this report provides an update of the current situation regarding the potential creation of a central Hub.

Analysis of the survey and feedback from the consultations.

Firstly, thank you to the many people who returned the survey and/or attended the meetings – we had a great response to both activities. The survey responses gave the top ten services/facilities as follows (with percentage of responses):

Post Office 44%

Public toilets  29%

Bank 25%

Village hall (large)  23%

Library  20%

Village centre parking  17%

Village hall (small)  11%

Stage 11%

Heritage society7%

Parish office  6%

Post Office and Bank (1 & 3)

Whilst Lloyds Bank have recently announced the closure of its branch in Bembridge, the community is very fortunate that Warburtons (Welcome) supermarket in Lane End provides banking services alongside the Post Office.

Public Toilets (2)

When the Isle of Wight Council announced the closure of Public Toilets in the village, the Parish Council took the decision to take on the responsibility, and carried out a refurbish programme.

Village Hall (4, 7 & 8)

The public meetings were followed by additional meetings with the village hall user groups to identify their requirements, in order that any potential changes to the village hall meet the users’ needs. The general consensus from these meetings was that the main hall size should not be reduced, the kitchen servery needs to be retained in the main hall, and that the small hall also needs to remain as it is. There was also a consensus that some space within the building is not best utilised.

Library/Heritage Society (5 & 9)

Clearly, the responses show the need to retain both the Library service and the Heritage Society. The location of these services is the subject of on-going discussions. (see also current activities below)

Village Parking (6)

There is no doubt that the village centre needs additional parking – this was fully recognised when the Bembridge Neighbourhood Plan was produced. The Parish Council continues to explore the possibility of providing additional parking, but realistically this is a problem that is unlikely to be resolved.

Parish Office (10)

To carry out its public duties (with more and more being devolved from IW Council), the Parish office staff require adequate office accommodation. Ideally this will be in a central location to enable ready access by the villagers.

Current activities and plans

5 / 7 High Street

The work needed to maximise the value of the property is well underway, and it is anticipated that the property will be put on the market in the Spring of 2017. Monies received from this sale will be used on capital projects within the village.

Library / Heritage Society

The voluntary group that provides this excellent service is currently looking at the best way to ensure the service is maintained in the future.

Village Hub

The working group looking at the potential creation of a central hub which provides for all our needs continues to work on possible solutions. The location of the library and heritage society is a key decision which needs to be resolved before further Hub work can be undertaken.

The working group will provide the community with further opportunities to comment when more proposals evolve.