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17th Jan 2017  agenda  papers

21st Feb 2017  agenda  papers

7th Mar 2017  agenda  statement

21st Mar 2017  agenda  papers

30th Mar 2017 Ex Meeting agenda

18th Apr 2017  agenda  papers

16th May 2017  Annual Council Meeting  agenda  papers  includes planning applications

  papers 1    papers 2

Annual Meeting of Bembridge Parish 23rd May 2017  agenda

23rd May 2017 Ex Meeting  agenda

20th June 2017 agenda  papers A   papers B

18th July 2017  agenda  papers A  papers B   BB40  papers C


17th Jan 2017  click here

21st Feb 2017  click here   Response to Mr Hughes questions

7th Mar 2017  Ex Meeting  click here

21st Mar 2017  click here

30th Mar 2017 Ex Meeting  click here

18th Apr 2017  click here    Appendix A    Appendix B   Appendix C

16th May 2017  Annual Meeting  click here  Appendix A  Appendix B  Appendix C  Appendix D

23rd May Ex Meeting  click here

23rd May Annual Meeting of Bembridge Parish  click here

20th June 2017  click here    Appendix A  Appendix B  Appendix C

18th July 2017  click here    Appendix A  Appendix B   Appendix C   Appendix D   Appendix E

2016 Minutes

19th Jan 2016  click here

16th Feb 2016  click here

15th Mar 2016  click here

19th Apr 2016  click here

3rd May 2016  Annual Meeting of Bembridge Parish

17th May 2016 Annual Council

21st June 2016  click here

19th July 2016  click here

20th Sept 2016  click here

18th Oct 2016  click here

15th Nov 2016  click here

6th Dec 2016  Extraordinary Meeting  click here

20th Dec 2016  click here



20th Jan 2015  click here

17th Feb 2015  click here

17th Mar 2015  click here

21st April 2015 click here

Annual Council 19th May click here

16th June 2015  click here

21st July 2015  click here

17th Aug 2015  Extraordinary Meeting

15th Sept 2015 click here

20th Oct 2015  click here

17th Nov 2015  click here

1st Dec 2015   Extraordinary Meeting

15th Dec 2015  click here



21st January 2014 click here

18th February 2014  click here

18th March 2014  click here

15th April 2014 click here

6th May Annual Parish Meeting click here

20th May Annual Council Meeting  click here

17th June 2014  click here

15th July 2014  click here

16th September 2014 click here

21st October 2014  click here

18th November 2014  click here

16th December 2014  click here



15th January 2013 click here

19th February 2013 click here

19th March 2013   click here

16th April 2013  click here

14th May 2013  click here

18th June 2013  click here

16th July 2013  click here

17th Sept 2013   click here

15th Oct 2013  click here

19th Nov 2013  click here

17th Dec 2013  click here

2012   Agendas and minutes can be requested at the parish office