Bembridge Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Parish Council appointed a working group in February 2012. Bembridge Neighbourhood Development Plan went to referendum on 24th July 2014 and secured a 92% yes vote with a 39% turnout. Grant funding of £4,000 was secured from Isle of Wight Council and £6,794 from Locality.  

2016 Annual Report

Bembridge Neighbourhood Development Plan 

Action Plan

IoW Executive Committee Meeting 10th June Papers

Housing Needs Survey

Informal Consultation Draft Plan

Equality Impact Assessment Report

Revised Sustainability Apprasial Report

Non Technical Summary

Revised HRA Screening Report

Appendix 1 Assessment Tables

Appendix 2 Local Assessment Tables

Appendix 3 Non Designated Heritage Assets

Village Assessment Parking Assessment

Parking Assessment Annex 1

Parking Assessment Annex 2

Parking Assessment Annex 3

Design Character Appraisal

Local Green Spaces Audit

Local Green Spaces Map

Shop/Business Premises Audit

Audit of Community Assets

Evidence Base

Consultation Statements Annex 1

Review of informal consultation with Isle of Wight Council

Savill's Consultation Feedback

IWC Consultation Feedback

Residents Consultation Feedback

Revised Schedule of Changes

Delivery Strategy

Basic Condition Survey

Consultation Statement

Consultation Statement Appendix 1

Consultation Statement Appendix 2

Consultation Statement Appendix 3