Parish Assets

Parish Council Office, 5 Foreland Road.  Opening hours to the public 9.30am to 12.30pm Monday to Friday

Village Hall, High Street, Bembridge.  The village hall is leased to a management committee until 2022.

5 & 7 High Street including Nissan Hut, Yard and Public Toilets.  5 & 7 are rented out until 2019.  Storage shed & yard space rented out.  The freehold and public toilets to the rear are owned by the Parish Council after purchasing them from IWC in December 2011.


Bembridge Youth & Community Centre is leased to a management committee until 2039.  There is a legal charge on the BYCC by the National Lottery charities board for £291,150 until 2038.  The Parish Council are custodian trustees and appoint 3 members to the Management Committee.

Steyne Park Recreation Ground, Changing Rooms, Public Toilets, Skate Park and Children's Play Area owned and maintained by the Parish Council. The changing rooms were refurbished in 2012 and the toilets in 2013.  Demand has increased for football in recent years for both adults and youth. 



Foreland Playing Field

The school playing field has been taken over from the IWC in 2014 and a Steyne Park Project group has been set up to improve facilities on both fields.

The War Memorial and Palmer Memorial are the responsibility of the Parish Council.  The War Memorial is on the land known as 'Swiss Corner or Jubilee Gardens' located at the junction High Street and Church Road, donated by Sir John and Lady Thorneycroft to the Parish Council. The Palmer Memorial is situated on Embankment Road and was unveiled in August 1910.  A new lease was acquired in 2013.  Cleaning of both memorials took place in 2014 and the restoration of the Palmer Memorial was completed in May 2016.


The Point Toilets, Station Road, Bembridge were purchased from the IWC in 2011 and refurbished in 2013.

Lane End Cemetery is owned and maintained by the Parish Council. A Remembrance Orchard to commorate WW1 will be planted between November and February 2015.


Jeremiah Matthews Goodhall Trust - Bowling Green and Scout Hut, Mitten Road Bembridge.  Bequeather to be vested in the Parish Council and to be maintained or reserved as open space or recreation ground for villagers and/or visitors to Bembridge for all time, the will was dated 1938.  New 25 year leases for both the Bowling Club and Scout Hut were completed 2016.


Grade II Listed K2 Telephone Kiosk, High Street, Bembridge.

Land at Ducie Ave/Sherbourne Street. A small grass verge bequeathed to the Parish Council.

Lane End Toilets, by the Lifeboat Station were passed from the IWC to the Parish in April 2016 on a heads of terms, lease negotiations still ongoing.  New doors have been installed and a deep clean carried out.

The Coastguard Green, Beachfield Road has been taken over by the Parish Council from the IWC on a 125 year lease, so regular maintenance of the green will continue.  The Coastguard Green is situated on the edge of a cliff and we urge residents and visitors to use the area with caution.

Lincloln Way Pond freehold has been given to the Parish Council from the Davis Estates, so regular maintenance of the pond and green will continue.  Lincoln Way Pond is full of water in the winter so please take care if visiting the pond.

Other Assets Include:

3 Cycle Racks outside the Village Hall, on the verge at Church Road and at Lane End shops

40 Benches, mostly memorials and situated all over the village not necessarily on Parish Council owned land.  14 benches on highways will be maintained by Island Roads as part of the PFI contract.

6 Notice Boards, 3 public and 3 parish council at the Village Hall, Steyne Park car park entrance and Lane End cemetery.

Van and trailer.

Bus Shelter at Foreland Road which has been taken on by Island Roads as part of the PFI contract.

Beach Safety Equipment -emergency phone on Whitecliff Bay is now the responsibility of the Parish Council.  Donations received from The Wonky Cafe, Away Resorts and Sandhills Holiday Park.   Malcolm Thorpe Bembridge Harbour is considering taking on the 2 lifebelts at The Point beach and Beach Road. It is felt that if the speed marker buoys are not policed they become ineffective and there is little point in putting them out.

Continued Devolution of Services from IWC

Luckily we already undertake all of the discretionary grounds maintenance in Bembridge so the only outstanding area is National Trust Land and this will be for the IWC to maintain. An island wide contribution towards the current IWC Beach Cleaning contract has been refused by the Council and it had already been agreed that the Parish Council would take on the monitoring role of the Environment Officers. 

The following service areas have been suggested for alternative delivery or could be cut by IWC.

Lane End Car Park

Lane End and Paddock Drive Slipways

Rights of Way

Planning decision making and enforcement

Remaining IWC assets such as the library and fire station?

These will be continually reviewed by the Parish Council and specifically at the Development Days.