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Welcome to Bembridge

Bembridge is like a Russian doll, an island within an island and probably because of this has developed into a 'complete' community with a thriving range of shops, facilities and services that many a small town would envy. The natural beauty, harbour, beaches, attractions and facilities of the Bembridge area make it a popular place with summer visitors, yet it does not become a ghost-town in the winter as the community remains active and vibrant year round.

The community retains much that is good about village life, with a wide range of local sports, recreational and voluntary activities relatively well supported and where people 'look out' for neighbours. It is a good place to bring up children within a safe, healthy environment and highly graded village primary school.

The Parish Council are anxious to gain the respect of their community by establishing good relations across the village. We are seeking to under-pin all that is good within the village by promoting community life and providing essential local facilities and services. Examples of our efforts include purchasing the village toilets premises from the Isle of Wight Council, now keeping them open all year round and making arrangements to upgrade all three; giving essential financial support to the community library group; and providing a local information service from our parish office for locals and visitors.

We consider ourselves fortunate to live in the wonderful village of Bembridge.

Cllr Gordon Kendall, Chairman, Bembridge Parish Council

For information on what's going on in Bembridge go to our Community Information page under the Parish Information tab

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