Annual Report Summary – Bembridge Neighbourhood Development Plan

Submitted on 05 December 2016 by Emma Goldring

Annual Report Summary – Bembridge Neighbourhood Development Plan

Bembridge Neighbourhood Development Plan (BNDP) came into force on 28th July 2014, as part of the Isle of Wight Council’s Development Plan.  From this date, the policies contained in the BNDP are relevant to all planning applications in Bembridge.  The Bembridge Village Partnership has commissioned the second Annual Report as part of the monitoring process set out in the BNDP process.

In the 12 months following the last review, Bembridge Parish Council (BPC) considered 57 planning applications and cited BNDP policies in 95% of its recommendations.   The Isle of Wight Council (IWC) cited BNDP policies in 91% of cases.   This represents a significant improvement on the previous review’s findings when policy usage was only 39% (BPC) and 85% (IWC).    This indicates the Bembridge Neighbourhood Development Plan has become firmly imbedded in the determination of Bembridge planning applications.

The BNDP contains 30 policies of which 23 have been actively used over the past year.  However, a small core (6 policies) have seen most use and these relate to design, the environment and scale of development.   Some policies have been under-used.

Over the review period, BPC recommended refusal to 12 applications, citing BNDP policy objections, but in 11 cases these objections were set aside by IWC.   In total, the IWC refused only 3 planning applications; the remainder have been approved (3 cases subject to the completion of a S106 legal agreement) representing a 95% application approval rate for the Parish.

The Review revealed that householder planning applications made up 65% of the overall case load.    Only 14% of applications related to new housing development resulting in a net gain of 34 new dwellings in the Parish of which 8 will be affordable units, 7 assisted living units, 2 self build units and the remaining 17 open market units.   The Bembridge Housing Need Survey (HNS) indicates an annual average requirement of 12 new housing units (9 affordable and 3 market).  

A copy of the full annual report is available for inspection.