Do you want to become a Parish Councillor and represent your village?

Submitted on 05 January 2017 by Emma Goldring

Do you want to become a Parish Councillor and represent your village?

With extensive cuts being felt right across the sector Bembridge Parish Council had decided that it did want to take on additional services and facilities to provide the best village it can for its residents and visitors over the past 5 years. Also being proactive and leading the way on the Island looking into partnership working and clustering to deliver more whilst keeping the precept increases low.  The Parish Council raised a precept of £140,000 in 2016/17 for a budget of £224,180 servicing a population of 3682 (June 2013 ONS).

Ordinary Elections are held every 4 years and the next round is on 4th May 2017. All 12 seats become vacant. The publication of notice of election is Monday 27th March 2017. Blank nomination forms will be available in the Parish Office from 27th March. The deadline for receipt of nominations is 4.00pm Tuesday 4th April 2017. Completed nomination papers have to be hand delivered to the Electoral Services Manager, Isle of Wight Council, before this time. If you are not registered to vote the deadline to do so is Thursday 13th April 2017.  

Full guidance notes can be found on the Electoral Commissions website

Further information about what the Parish Council does and the Elections process is available in the Parish Office or website


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