EMBANKMENT ROAD NIGHT CLOSURE starting 17th March 2017

Submitted on 24 February 2017 by Emma Goldring

EMBANKMENT ROAD NIGHT CLOSURE starting 17th March 2017

Confirmation of works from Island Roads:

Island Roads can confirm Embankment Road, Bembridge will be closed between Latimer Road and Pump Lane from Friday 17th March to 29th March 2017. The works will be night works commencing at 19:30 until 06:00. The works will start Pump Lane End. There will be no works on March 18th/19th/25th and 26th.

The road will only be closed whilst works are being carried out.


Island Roads are working in partnership with the Isle of Wight Council to upgrade and maintain the Islands highways network.  In accordance with the contract requirements, the resurfacing programme is being carried out on all types of roads and across all areas to ensure the improvements are made at an equal pace across the Island.

We are writing to let you know about the carriageway resurfacing works due to take place in your local area shortly and to provide you with some information and guidance about what will happen during the works to enable you to plan accordingly.

Important information

Location of works:

Embankment Road, Bembridge between Latimer Road and Pump Lane.

See map overleaf.                                                                          

Anticipated duration of works:

Starting 20/03/17 for 9 nights working Monday to Friday.

Traffic Restrictions

During resurfacing works, the use of heavy machinery along with associated equipment and products, makes it unsuitable for vehicles, cyclists and horse riders to access the works area. The road will therefore be closed whilst these works are taking place. Pedestrian access to properties and businesses will remain open where possible. Emergency services have been informed of the works and will be allowed access to the road closure.

Time of works and access to properties/businesses

The road closure will be in place between the hours of 19:30 and 06:00.

Parking restrictions

Vehicles must be removed from the carriageway before the works commence.

FAQs on Island Roads website


Vehicle access

Access to the road closure between the hours of 19:30 and 06:00 will be limited to emergency vehicles and for those with validated appointments that cannot be changed. If you have an essential appointment, please call and we will do our best to make bespoke arrangements with you, although this will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances.

Parking/vehicle removal

To enable us to complete our work successfully, we will unfortunately have to remove any vehicles that remain in the location of the road closure, and relocate them to a safe alternative location nearby. In these circumstances, you can locate your vehicles by contacting our help centre. Please note that Island Roads have the authority to remove vehicles in these circumstances from the carriageway and costs may be charged to the registered keeper if a vehicle has to be relocated. 

Bus services

We work very closely with Southern Vectis with the aim to keep disruption to a minimum during the surfacing works.  Bus stops located within the area of the road closure will not be in operation and alternative stops will be provided outside of the road closure area.

Bus information is provided on the Southern Vectis website:

http://www.islandbuses.info/service-updates/ or by calling them on 01983 827000.

Disabled bays

If you regularly use a disabled bay within this section of road, you must contact us to let us know you still require this, otherwise the bay may not be remarked.

Preparatory Works

There may be preparatory works prior to resurfacing and therefore you may see our crews on site before the dates listed above.


Please note, there are a variety of factors including inclement weather and emergency works that may affect the timing of works.  The timeframe provided in this letter is as accurate as possible

at the time of writing. Please watch the signs that will be erected on site prior to the works for any changes to the resurfacing start date or duration.

Prep works

Our preparatory works will take place in advance of resurfacing (details in the Weekly Programme sent by Denise Scott). These type of works could be lifting iron works, prepping junctions, hedging and quartering (digging out the edge of the road) etc. The majority of these works are done under traffic lights prior to the main surfacing works to reduce disruption.

However, some essential preparatory works can only be completed just before the start of the works or after the road surface has been removed (planed out).

Resurfacing and road closure

Resurfacing is undertaken with a road closure in place. 

Why? We have to conform to legislation regarding safety and this necessitates a road closure.  We have a duty of care to ensure safety for residents and a safe place of work for our operatives. 

< > A quick reference to the location details can be found in the residents’ letter.  It doesn’t matter which end we are starting; the road closure is end to end.  The only time this may differ is if the site is phased.  Details of any phasing will be provided to residents and the Hub before the works commence.  The difficulty with phasing is that it is subject to change and residents’ expectations may be higher than what in reality we are able to provide.  We are steering away from phasing unless essential.

Access The road is closed to through traffic.  Access to residents is outlined in the letter (in the residents’ access pass) – eg Westhill Lane before 7.30 and after 16.00.   The operatives on site have additional access passes for those residents with two cars.  Access arrangements can be made in advance for those with specific requirements although we should remind them additional time should be allowed to get through the site.  Otherwise, access is before or after the times on the residents’ access pass.  All vehicles travel through the working site at their own risk.  The restricted access is for the safety of the public and the operatives working on site.

Is access possible from the other end to which you are working?

HGVs carrying the resurfacing material may need to reverse through the site along the section we are not working on, as they cannot track through the newly laid area without destroying the surface. We cannot be reversing large vehicles whilst leaving the carriageway live to traffic.

We require stacking space for rollers, planers, pavers, bitumen sprayers, low loaders, welfare trucks etc.

Can you work in shorter sections?

Working in defined short sections means additional joints, which could impact on the longevity of the carriageway.

Where will you be working on a specific day?

Due to multiple variables, including weather, it is nearly impossible to be able to inform the residents accurately of when and where we will be within a stretch of road and even more so, to keep the residents updated.