Paddock Way Slipway works

Submitted on 16 June 2017 by Emma Goldring

The Isle of Wight Council is to repair Paddock Drive slipway, as it has been damaged in previous winter storms. It is also undermined at it’s landward end. This email is to inform you of the timing of repair work which will be undertaken by island contractor Imphouse Ltd. The work to fill the void under the slipway will start on Thursday 22/6/17. Imphouse are undertaking tidal work elsewhere on the island for us so will not be on site for 2 or 3 days from 29/6/17 but they will return to complete the slipway and work should be complete by 11/7/16 plus another 3 days for the concrete to gain strength.

Pedestrian access down the slipway will be maintained during the works, but launching will not be possible when works are in progress, but as the slipway has a 300mm drop down to beach level it is very difficult to use safely. This will be rectified during the repair. Extraneous concrete close to the slipway will be removed at this time to improve the beach.