Vectis Affordable Homes - Rentals

Submitted on 20 March 2017 by Emma Goldring

Vectis Affordable Homes - Rentals

The rental properties are now being advertised on Island HomeFinder, they will be advertised for 4 weeks with applicants being able to bid from 12am on 5th April until 11.59pm on 11th April.

The properties will be offered on different tenures

2 x 2 beds on social rent (60% of market rent)

3 x 3 beds on social rent (60% of market rent)

2 x 2 beds on intermediate rent (80% of market rent)

2 x 3 beds on intermediate rent ( 80% of market rent)

Intermediate rents are usually offered to those applicants that are in employment and we will be looking at this along with the local lettings plan when allocating.

A copy of the qualifying criteria for the properties is attached to the adverts so that applicants can see the priority for allocating the properties. Other than that we cannot tell people their chances of securing a property until advertising is completed and we have finalised the shortlisting process, which we anticipate will take several weeks as we filter the shortlist to reflect the local lettings plan and gather evidence from applicants. If applicants are successful we will be in contact.

Vectis Housing: 01983 525985