Parking for NHS/care workers

In News by Bembridge PC

Critical workers in the health and social care and those volunteering for the NHS are doing vital and highly-valued work to support the most vulnerable in our society, save lives and keep our country running. 

Health and social care workers are working very long shifts – day and night – as they step up to the unprecedented challenge we face as a nation. As they seek to minimise the spread of infection, we recognise that many will be travelling to and from their place of work by car or other vehicles to comply with social distancing advice.

You may have seen the news coverage today express concern that these frontline workers are paying parking fees and have been charged fines. I have discussed this issue with the four political leaders at the LGA and the leaders of various special interest groups representing all types of council across the country.

It is our view that no health worker, social care worker or NHS volunteer should have to pay parking charges when carrying out their frontline duties during this crisis. Already, many councils have relaxed or suspended parking restrictions and enforcement, and have waived fines for health and social care workers and volunteers.

We have worked today with government and agreed to develop a scheme that now suspends parking charges for health workers, social care workers and NHS volunteers for on-street parking and open car parks as they go about their critical work. We expect this to be announced this afternoon by central Government and we trust that all councils will play their part in supporting this particular group of workers during this crisis.

Further information will be available soon, when the announcement is made. We expect that critical workers will be encouraged to display supporting evidence in their windscreen.

We are also urging councils to waive all fines received by health and social care workers while carrying out their extended duties in recent days. These workers should be encouraged and supported to appeal the fines, with supporting evidence of their work.

Local government is leading the way in supporting residents, workers and businesses during these unprecedented times. We understand the Government is working to ensure all private car park providers can join us in introducing these measures. We have also contacted the National Association of Local Councils in the hope that their members follow suit.

This advice supersedes the previous advice we circulated in conjunction with the British Parking Association.

You will receive my usual fuller briefing summarising the latest developments on all things COVID-19 later today. I wanted to immediately draw your attention to this new and very speedy development so you’re able to share with your relevant teams.

Thanks yet again for all you’re doing to support your communities.

Councillor James Jamieson
Chairman, Local Government Association