Scam Alerts

In News by Bembridge PC

  • Trading Standards are still receiving reports of phone calls from companies around home insulation, the caller will tell you they will visit and check out your home insulation in the roof and then offer you a one time only deal for providing insulation – similarly calls about asbestos in your property, they will arrange to call and check your property for asbestos and will almost certainly “find” some, they will then overcharge you for the removal and disposal of the non-existent asbestos – do not engage with anyone who calls you out of the blue and remember any work that these companies are likely to do will be over priced and of a poor quality.
  • Another common phone scam at the moment appears to come from National Insurance stating that your NI number has been compromised or suspended – this is a SCAM just hang up
  • We have also received worrying reports that a scam text regarding the Census has started doing the rounds. It says there appears to be incorrect information on your completed census form to avoid a £1000 fine please click on the link they provide – this is a SCAM. The ONS states – “You will never be issued with a fine by text message, on social media or by email. Our Cyber Intelligence team is scouring the web for phishing sites and taking them down. If you find a site that looks suspicious or receive text messages with links to sites asking for money related to the census, do not engage with them. Report them to the Census 2021 Contact Centre by ringing 0800 141 2021”

Scam texts can be forwarded to 7726 and scam emails sent on to where the information will be gathered and used for intelligence.

If you would like to increase your knowledge please go to and watch a short video aimed at raising awareness around scams and doorstep crime

Another useful tool is the free Which Scam Alert service that you can sign up to – just click on the following link