Voting by proxy in May local elections

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People who need to self-isolate because of coronavirus (COVID-19) will still be able to vote in the local elections on Thursday 6 May.

In order for fair and COVID-secure participation in the upcoming Isle of Wight Council, parish, town and community councils, and the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, anyone who is self-isolating due to COVID-19 can access an emergency proxy vote, up until 5pm on election day (6 May).

New legislation was passed by the government in February meaning those who are unable to attend a polling station as a result of COVID-19, can appoint a proxy beyond the usual deadline (deadline for ordinary proxy voting is 5pm Tuesday 27 April).

All those with an existing proxy arrangement can appoint a new proxy up until 5pm on polling day if their proxy is affected by COVID-19 and are unable to act as a proxy.

Usual proxy vote

If you are unable to vote in person or by post, you can choose to have someone you trust cast your vote for you. You can vote by proxy for a number of reasons — you may be away on polling day, have a medical issue or disability or not be able to vote in person because of work or military service.

In addition, the person you wish to appoint as your proxy can only act as proxy if they are 18 and are registered individually themselves.

A person cannot be a proxy for more than two people at any one election or referendum unless they are a close relative. You will need to download and complete a form to apply to vote by proxy. There are different forms depending on the reason that you need a proxy vote, at

If you want to vote by proxy in the local elections, you will need to apply by 5pm on Tuesday 27 April.

Emergency proxy vote

If, after 5pm on Tuesday 27 April, you find you are unable to attend your polling station in person due to a medical emergency, or due to your occupation, service or employment and you only become aware of that fact AFTER 5pm on Tuesday 27 April, then you may be able to appoint an emergency proxy to vote on your behalf.

Please contact the electoral services team by email:, in writing: Electoral Services, Isle of Wight Council, High Street, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 1UD or call (01983) 823380.

Emergency proxy votes can be issued up until 5pm on 6 May 2021.