Councillors to consider residential caravan park fees

In News by Bembridge PC

New laws coming into force this summer will give more powers to local licensing authorities to control how residential caravan parks are managed.

Local councils across the country have been given the ability to ask site owners to register a site manager who must be a fit and proper person to do the job, and to tackle bad practice and exploitation of residents.

Councillors will be looking at options for charging fees to site owners to pay for the new powers to be used.

Councils will be able to charge fees to site owners. These can include set charges to cover things such as applying for a licence, or registering a new manager for a site.

The new rules also prevent site owners from passing on the cost of enforcement action to residents through the pitch fee.

As holiday parks are not affected by the legislation, only six residential parks on the Island will be covered, the largest being Medina Park at Whippingham.

Licence holders, site owners and local residents associations have all been asked for comments on the proposed new fees.

If councillors approve the local policy for these charges at the cabinet meeting today, 15 July, the new fees structure will be published soon after.

Cllr Ian Stephens said: “There’s no extra money coming to support this new work, and so as with most of our other licencing activity, it makes sense to charge a reasonable fee to those who apply for the licences.

“This is how the legislation is intended to be used, and many other councils will be doing something similar.

“I think adopting this new fees policy is the best way to keep our residential parks well-managed, and residents treated fairly.”