IWASP – Scam Alert

In News by Bembridge PC

A few new scams to warn you about this week –

  • The cold weather hasn’t stopped rogue traders from coming to the Island to try to con us into having work done on our properties. Be wary of any leaflets through the door or anyone knocking the door offering to do work on the property – legitimate traders wouldn’t behave like this!
  • There have also been reports of the “Nottingham Knockers” generally males that turn up at the door and try to sell cleaning products – do not engage with them – the products will be over-priced and poor quality.
  • Some residents have reported receiving emails from E-on claiming that there was an error on their bill and that if you click on the link you can follow the process to correct this. Do not click on links in emails – this will be a phishing exercise designed to harvest your details. If you are a customer and are unsure give them a ring to check the validity of the message.
  • Be alert to calls from internet providers claiming that there is a problem with your internet connection – this will be a ruse to get you to access your device and potentially give the scammer access – Internet companies will NEVER contact you in this way.
  • Quite a few reports about scam lottery letters. These letters are designed to resemble the National and Post Code lotteries. The letter states that you will need to pay an advance fee to claim your winnings – the winnings are non-existent and this is an attempt to defraud you out of money
  • It hasn’t taken the scammers long to hop onto the Omicron covid scare! Latest emails purporting to be from the NHS state you HAVE to take a new omicron PCR test and if you don’t you will have to islolate! There is obviously a link for you to click to order your test – DON’T this is a scam and although it looks like a genuine NHS email if you check the sender address it isn’t a valid NHS one.


Stay Safe