IWASP Scam Alerts

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Quite a few scam reports to share with you this week

  • Look out for repeated emails purporting to be from McAfee around digital security, its easy to forget who you’re provider is and when its due for renewal. These emails have been coming from random email addresses so always check the senders email to see if its genuine
  • If you receive an email allegedly from someone you know asking for money or help its likely that their email account has been hacked and it will be a scammer trying to get money. Always check with the sender using another form of communication
  • The Covid scams are still coming, one is a text saying that you have to apply for covid pass – click on the link – if you don’t you will be fined! The other is an invitation for you to get a Travel Certificate which will allow you to travel through Europe with no need to test or quarantine – DON’T click on the links
  • Somebody reported a call from the Postcode Lottery saying she had won – fortunately she decided to check this out and contacted the lottery who confirmed it was a scam
  • Be careful on Facebook with messages from supermarkets trying to help us in difficult times – the latest is Iceland offering a box of essential groceries worth £40 to anyone who shares or comments on the post. This is a scam and by sharing and commenting you are providing the scammers with valuable information about yourself which will be used to carry out further attempts to scam you and those you’ve shared it with. Remember if something seems too good to be true – it is!
  • Lastly there have been a few reports about personal alarms this week, one resident received a call from a company in Devon offering (for free) a personal alarm that could be worn around the waist – any call out of the blue is indicative of a scam and no genuine company would offer this for free. If you think you might need a personal alarm then make your own investigations into the best company for you. The second was a resident who received a call about her “red button” device and they were trying to get her to upgrade her wifi and asking for payment over the phone, luckily the resident contacted Wightcare who confirmed it was a scam. If you or anyone you care for has a personal alarm please warn them about these scams and not to agree to anything in a random phone call.

Stay Safe