SCAM Alerts

In News by Bembridge PC

Trading Standards have a couple of unusual scams to report today

  • We have received a report of an automated phone call stating that your car has been seen in a restricted area on a specific date and time and you have received a fine – press 9 to make a payment. If somebody has driven in a different area – maybe the mainland this may worry them and panic them into paying the fine. This is a scam – Hang up the phone.
  • A resident has reported a phone call that might be pertinent to a lot of people at the minute. For those in Council Tax band E and above there is not automatic government rebate – Scammers will have picked up on this and will use it to their advantage – contacting residents that are in E band properties and for a fee offering to reduce their banding and obtain a refund since 1991. This is a scam they will take your money and have your bank details. If you believe your banding is incorrect you can challenge on the Government website Challenge your Council Tax band: Overview – GOV.UK (