No Cold Calling


A message from Bembridge Parish Council, your local Police and Isle of Wight Council Trading Standards Service

In respect of Unexpected or Bogus Callers we are ALL vulnerable.  Most vulnerable are the elderly, and those who are on their own.  Bogus callers can be categorised into 3 main groups:-

• The cold caller/hard sales pitch salesperson.
• The tradesman providing poor quality work at an inflationary price.
• The distraction burglar.

Despite living in a low crime area residents should not be complacent but
always report any suspicious activity.

As a member of the Bembridge No Cold Calling Zone you are encouraged to report any Bogus Caller/Cold Caller Activity.  Should you see a cold caller in your area, or an unexpected person arrives on your doorstep, follow the advice below and inform the Trading Standards Service on 01983 823371 or Police on 0845 045 45 45 or if you feel threatened in any way DIAL 999.

Should you receive a card through your door informing you of a person’s intention to return inform the Police on 0845 045 45 45 or the Trading Standards Service on 01983 823371.  When reporting such incidents please state you are a member of ‘Bembridge No Cold Calling Zone’.  When reporting incidents in this way the Police and/or Trading Standards will carry out investigations but it may not mean that you will get an immediate visit.  This does not apply if you feel threatened and ring 999.

By following this simple advice you can minimise the risk of becoming a victim of this type of trader.

• When answering the front door ensure your back door is locked.  Take a look outside first and see if you know who is calling if it is a stranger use your door chain before opening the door.

DO NOT let them into your home without checking their identification.  Do not rely on a mobile telephone number always use a land line number.  If they cannot supply one send them on their way.

SPEAK to your neighbours and contact them immediately for support if a caller arrives at your doorstep.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.  Please read the information contained in the Trading Standards booklet Be Wise Be Safe.