Road Safety & Security Group

Parish Council Members: Cllr G Stillman (Chairman), Cllr M Donlon, Cllr R Widger, Cllr K Fagan

Road Safety and Security Group TOR May 2018

The Isle of Wight Council (Various Streets, Bembridge) (Traffic Regulation) Order No 1 2018 and Experimental – Draft – Consultation

This is out for public consultation as per requirements, is in the County Press and on lampposts at all proposed TRO locations

Draft Exp Notice, Bembridge 1 2017   Draft Notice Bembridge 2018   Foreland Road, Bembridge   FORELAND ROAD, STEYNE ROAD, LANE END ROAD – TEmp

High Street, Bembridge 2 v2   High Street, Bembridge 3   High Street, Bembridge Jct Sherbourne   High Street, Bembridge   Love Lane, Bembridge

Meadow Close, Bembridge   Sherbourne Street, Bembridge LB DB   Sherbourne Street, Bembridge   Steyne Road, Bembridge   Walls Road, Bembridge

Road Safety and Security Group

The purpose of the Road Safety & Security Group (RSSG) is to look at ways to improve the lives of our villagers by addressing any issues that might arise with regards to road conditions/layouts, parking and speeding contraventions, and the general safety of road users and pedestrians throughout our village.  Already we have had made great headway but the biggest move forward so far has been the Ward Walk which involved many key members from Island Roads, the IOW Council and our clerk/councillors from the RSSG.

This highlighted many concerns which fall under the umbrella of the RSSG, some that have been outstanding for many years. We have been assured that they will look at our Ward Walk issues on block and check the TRO’s (Traffic Regulation Orders) where necessary.  More information on items on the Ward Walk list below and we will update here or at the meetings when we have any news.

Security is another concern for villagers, and whilst we are virtually crime free here in Bembridge we must not become complacent. We must ensure we play our part and implement any preventative or proactive measures before it does become a problem for us. To that end we are organising a SID (Security Information Day) – The SID will be open to all villagers to come and speak to security professionals on all aspects of personal and property security as well as Internet and Telephone scams and cold calling.

There is much to do but thanks to all the volunteers in the RSSG and to the General Public for coming along to the meetings, without constant feedback and direction we cannot affect change for the good of the village.

20’s Plenty is another initiative we are looking at – more information can be found under the minutes of the previous meetings which can be found under the document library or visit  there is also a survey below which we would love you to fill out if you have a spare 60 seconds. Hard copies are also available in the Parish Office and also from the Library.

Bembridge ward walk took place on 05/09/2017 and issues to be considered below:-

Location Problem Solution Who
High Street Tree stump within verge maintained by Island Roads opposite junction of Foreland Rd Trip hazard. To be removed (cables within the area drawings can be provided by Island Roads) IWC CMT
High Street White lines to be marked from Boots to past the Village Inn Not achievable. Need to retain as many parking spaces as possible. N/A
High Street Bramble & Berry require a street furniture permit Inform them of the requirement IWC Licensing
High Street Old Village Inn A board and yellow bollards are a highways obstruction. The bike is classed as a vehicle and therefore is allowed on the Highway.

Is the solution double yellow lines outside? Traffic Regulation Order Review (TROR) required.

High Street Woodfords butchers have requested a loading bay outside. Reinstatement of the keep clear outside is not supported by IR or IWC as it’s not enforceable. Network Integrity Register (NIR) may require the TRO advertisement fee to be paid. IWC CMT
High Street Angel in the kitchen queries have been made by residents about the concrete plinth outside and the fence. T-bars are in place at 2 access points. No problems here all as it should be. N/A
High Street Parking outside the bakery to be removed and yellow line to be installed Traffic Regulation Order Review required. IWC CMT
Church Rd & Sherbourne Street Extend the 2 hour parking limit from the High Street to include Church Road and Sherbourne Street too. Issue residents permits. Too many people are parking in the village all day.

Traffic Regulation Order Review required. 2 hour limit could be introduced but residents permits would not be issued as the zone is not big enough.

Should this still be pursued?

Church Rd Parking outside the church side can cause issues for the bus to get past TROR required IWC CMT
Sherbourne St Loading bay and disabled space outside the co-op to be switched over as the lorry cannot park if somebody is parking in the disabled space TROR required promptly as High St resurfacing due end Oct 17 IWC CMT
Kings Road

Parking half way down no problem as

clear visibility. Further down outside Kings Close?

TROR required for parking outside

Kings Close properties


Kings Road/Station Road junction Speeding and pedestrian safety – 2 options proposed by Island Roads something needs to be agreed by IWC please (residents are persistent about this). Rumble strips not acceptable 250m from residential properties. Slow sign be painted on road? Speed reactive sign to be considered on black post? Hazard/Risk is the Station Rd junction and not the bend from Kings Rd

Funding is the problem. Prices will be quoted for the options and they would look to fund a project in partnership with the Parish Council. TBC


If agreed must be in conjunction with Pilot Boat due to visibility issues with benches etc outside. New road layout ahead sign would be in place for 6 months  

Island Roads to provide costs
Upper High St Speed reactive sign to be installed Price to be given. Over £8K to be funded by Parish Council. Is this viable due to location? BPC RSSG
Upper High St Yellow lines to be installed around the corners of The Grange TROR required IWC CMT
Meadow Drive Yellow lines to be installed around both corners TROR required IWC CMT
Foreland Road Bus stop to be removed to create additional parking spaces (if not allowed please move further up as a parking space does not allow the bus to actually pull in)

The bus stop should be 17m and this is approx. 12m so would lose 1 parking space. Duties under the Equalities Act that access to public transport should be supported and not removed. Retain bus stop.

As part of the Age Friendly initiative BPC could review access to all bus stops and recommend necessary improvements.

BPC Age Friendly
Foreland Road Remove pedestrian crossing to create additional parking spaces. The post office has since closed and become a house since its installation.

Removal of the crossing to be considered. May be safety issues with residents of the nursing homes.

Advice is that it should be retained for public safety as it’s already established.

Foreland Road Branch surgery exit poor visibility both ways Suggest they consider reversing the traffic flow as the visibility from the entrance would be clear if lost 1 parking space. BPC RSSG
Steyne Road Yellow lines to be installed outside Birdham Court TROR Required lines to be extended up to Spinnaker car park IWC CMT
Walls Road Yellow lines to be repainted as most have faded. The Police are particularly keen for this as the parent’s park anywhere outside the school. IWC policy steer required for all parking outside schools. The existing lines are correct with the TRO. Need double yellow lines as a minimum at the Crossways and Downsview junctions. TROR required urgently IWC CMT
Lane End Road Parking design outside the shops to be reviewed If the parking design was to be regularised it would open up 2 lanes of the carriageway and the speed of traffic would increase. No safe point of crossing both sides. Unachievable. N/A
Lane End Road Signs be installed not suitable for coaches that were previously removed Not correct signage Island Roads
Lane End Road

Yellow lines to be installed around the corners of Swains Lane and

Fishermans Walk

TROR required IWC CMT
Lane End Road Yellow lines to be installed around the corners of Forelands Farm Lane junction TROR required IWC CMT
St Lukes Drive Yellow lines to be installed around the corners junction of Lane End Road TROR required IWC CMT
Various 7 benches 4 name plates and 4 overgrown hedges Have these been actioned no responses? Additional Spreadsheet attached needs checking/updating Island Roads