The War Memorial & Palmer Memorial

The War Memorial and Palmer Memorial are the responsibility of the Parish Council.

The War Memorial is on the land known as ‘Swiss Corner or Jubilee Gardens’ located at the junction High Street and Church Road, donated by Sir John and Lady Thorneycroft to the Parish Council.  A restoration project is currently being worked on, but the project is dependent on a pending grant application.  Listed Building Consent has been granted for the works.

The Palmer Memorial is situated on Embankment Road and was unveiled in August 1910.  A new lease was acquired in 2013.  Cleaning of both memorials took place in 2014 and the restoration of the Palmer Memorial was completed in May 2016.


On 11th November 2018 the Parish Council dedicated the ‘Tommy’ silhouette figure to mark the centenary of Armistice Day. The memorial sits proudly within the War Memorial Gardens on Church Road and is complimented by two granite plaques paying tribute to the two First World War airfield in Bembridge – RFC Forelands and RFC Bembridge Point. The plaques were donated by the Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust.