Full Council Documents

Agendas 2021

FC Agenda 21st July 2021 Working Documents for 21st July 2021

Minutes 2021

DRAFT FC Minutes 16th June 2021- remote Appendix A Bank Reconciliation 2nd June 2021Appendix B Clerks Report 16th June 2021 Appendix C GTSG Report June21 Appendix D HALC Report 8th June Working Papers

Minutes Annual Council Meeting 19th May 2021 Appendix A – Bank Reconciliation 7th May 2021 Append B – Clerks Report 19th May 2021

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 28th April 2021  (Steyne Park Updates – Appendix A)

Annual Meeting of Bembridge Parish 17th March 2021 – Minutes

Public – FC Minutes 16th March 2021- remote Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 25th February 2021

Public – FC Minutes 19th January 2021- remote Bank Rec 7th December 2021 – Appendix A Bank Rec 6th January 2021 – Appendix B Clerks Report 20th January 2021 – Appendix C IW Cllr 

Report – BPC Full Council meeting 19th Jan 2021 – Appendix D Chairmans HALC Report Jan 21 – Appendix E 

Minutes 2020

Public – FC Minutes 17th November 2020 – remote Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C

Public – FC Minutes 16th September 2020 – remote Appendix A  Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D Appendix E  Appendix F Appendix G Appendix H

Public – FC Minutes 21st July 2020 – remote

Appendix A – 21.7.2020 Appendix B – 21.7.2020  Appendix C – 21.7.2020 Appendix D – 21.7.2020

Decision by Email 30.6.2020

Decision by Email 18.6.2020

Decision from Email 1st June 2020

Decision from Email 14.5.2020

Decision from Email 24.4.2020

Decision from Email 1.4.2020

Decision by Email 25.3.2020

Decision by Email 24.3.2020

Public – FC Minutes 22nd January 2020 Jan – Appendix A Jan – Appendix B Jan – Appendix C

Bank Rec 10.1.2020 Bank Rec 10.12.2019 Transactions 10.12.19 to 10.1.20 Transactions 13.11 to 6.12.19 Budget Review Forward Plan November 2019 Proposed Budget 2020-21 Working Papers for 2

Minutes 2019

Public – FC Minutes 19th November 2019 Appendix A1 19.11.2019 Appendix A2 19.11.2019 Appendix B1 19.11.2019 Appendix B2 19.11.2019 Appendix C 19.11.2019

Working Papers

Public – FC Minutes 18th September 2019  Appendix A 18.9.19 Appendix B 18.9.19 Appendix C 18.9.19

Working Papers 1 Sept 19 Working Papers 2 Sept 19

Public – FC Minutes 16th July 2019 Appendix A 16th July 2019 Appendix B 16th July 2019 Appendix C 16th July 2019

Public – working papers 16.7.19

Public – EM Minutes 12th June 2019

Public – Minutes Annual Council Meeting 21st May 2019     Appendix A 21.5.19 Appendix B 21.5.19 Appendix C 21.5.1921st May 2019 questions

Working Papers 21.5.19 c Working Papers 21.5.19 b Working Papers 21.5.19 a Working Papers 21.5.19 b

Minutes of Annual Meeting of Bembridge Parish 28th May 2019

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 3rd April 2019 Public Questions 3rd April 2019

Full Council Minutes 19th March 2019  Public Questions 19th March 2019

Meeting Papers (Public) (Part 1) Meeting Papers (Public) (Part 2)

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 13th February 2019

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 5th February 2019

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 22nd January 2019

Full Council Minutes 15th January 2019  Full Council 15th January 2019 – Appendix

January 19 working papers

Minutes 2018

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 12th December 2018 – Public

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 4th December 2018  Ex 4th December 2018 – Appendix A

FC Minutes 20th November 2018 – Public  FC 20th Nov 2018 Appendix A  FC 20th Nov 2018 Appendix B  FC 20th Nov 2018 Appendix C

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 30th October 2018 – Public

Sir Kenny public question response 30.10  Mrs Lavelle public question response 30.10 Mrs Reeders public question response 30.10

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 16th October 2018 – Public  Mr Hughes public question response 16.10  Sir Kenny public question response 16.10  Mrs Lavelle public question response 16.10 Mrs Reeders public question response 16.10 Mr Boynton public question response 16.10  Mrs Harris public question response 16.10  Mr Hopkinson-Woolleys public question response 16.10

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 2nd October 2018 – Public 

FC Minutes 18th September 2018 – Public  FC 18th Sept 18 Appendix A  FC 18th Sept 18 Appendix B   FC 18th Sept 18 Appendix C  FC 18th Sept 18 Appendix D 

Mr Hughes public question response 18.9.18 – Public

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 7th August 2018 public  Ex 7th Aug – Appendix A  Ex 7th Aug – Appendix B  Ex 7th Aug – Appendix C

Mrs Lavelle public question response 09.08 – public  Mrs Reeder public question response 09.08 – public  Mr Hopkinson-Woolley public question response 09.08- public

FC Minutes 17th July 2018

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 3rd July 2018 – Public   Ex FC 3rd July 2018 Appendix A

Minutes of Annual Meeting of Bembridge Parish 29th May 2018

Public FC Minutes Annual Council Meeting 22nd May 2018  FC 22nd May 2018 Appendix A  FC 22nd May 2018 Appendix B  FC 22nd May 2018 Appendix C  FC 22nd May 2018 Appendix D  FC 22nd May 2018 Appendix E

FC Minutes 17th April 2018 – Public FC 20th March 2018 Appendix A  FC 20th March 2018 Appendix B  Bembridge Beat Report March-April 18

FC Minutes 20th March 2018 Public

FC 20th March 2018 Appendix A  FC 20th March 2018 Appendix B

FC Minutes 20th February 2018 FC 20 Feb 2018 Appendix A  FC 20 Feb 2018 Appendix B  FC 20 Feb 2018 Appendix C  FC 20 Feb 2018 Appendix D  FC 20 Feb 2018 Appendix E

FC 20 Feb 2018 Appendix F (2)  FC 20 Feb 2018 Appendix G  FC 20 Feb 2018 Appendix H  FC 20 Feb 2018 Appendix I  FC 20 Feb 2018 Appendix J

Ex Meeting Minutes 13th February 2018 – Public

FC Minutes 16th January 2018 v2 

FC 16.1.18 Appendix A   FC 16.1.18 Appendix B  FC 16.1.18 Appendix C  FC 16.1.18 Appendix D  FC 16.1.18 Appendix D  FC 16.1.18 Appendix E  FC 16.1.18 Appendix F


Minutes 2017

FC Minutes 17th January 2017

21st Feb 2017 click here Response to Mr Hughes questions

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 7th March 2017 – public

21st Mar 2017 click here

30th Mar 2017 Ex Meeting click here

18th Apr 2017 click here Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C

16th May 2017 Annual Meeting click here Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D

Task and Finish Group Minutes 23rd May 2017

23rd May Ex Meeting click here

23rd May Annual Meeting of Bembridge Parish click here

Task and Finish Group Minutes 5th June 2017

20th June 2017 click here Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C

18th July 2017 click here Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D Appendix E

FC Minutes 19th Sept 2017  FC 19th Sept 2017 Appendix A  FC 19th Sept 2017 Appendix B  

FC 19th Sept 2017 Appendix C   FC 19th Sept 2017 Appendix D   FC 19th Sept 2017 Appendix E

Public Question Jay Champman Response 20.09.17    Public Question Debbie Mabbutt Response 20.09.17

Public Question Mark Champken Response 20.09.17

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 3rd October 2017   EX FC 3rd Oct 2017 Appendix A

FC Minutes 17th Oct 2017 FC 17th Oct Appendix A  FC 17th Oct Appendix B  FC 17th Oct Appendix C  FC 17th Oct Appendix D  FC 17th Oct Appendix E

FC Minutes 21st Nov 2017 P&C  FC 21st Nov Appendix A  FC 21st Nov Appendix B  FC 21st Nov Appendix C  FC 21st Nov Appendix D  FC 21st Nov Appendix E  FC 21st Nov Appendix F   FC 21st Nov Appendix G   FC 21st Nov Appendix H

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 5th Dec 2017    EX FC 5th Dec Appendix A

FC Minutes 19th December 2017  FC 19th Dec Appendix A  FC 19th Dec Appendix B  FC 19th Dec Appendix C Public Question Mr Green Response 21.12.17   Public Question Mrs Lavelle Response 21.12.17  Public Question Mrs White Response 21.12.17 2

2016 Minutes

Minutes 19th Jan 2016 – public

FC Minutes 16th Feb 2016 – public

FC Minutes 15th Mar 2016 – Public

FC Minutes 19th April 2016

Annual Parish Meeting 3rd May 2016

FC Minutes Annual Council Meeting 17th May 2016

FC Minutes 21st June 2016 – Public

FC Minutes 19th July 2016

FC Minutes 20th September 2016 – Public

FC Minutes 18th October 2016

FC Minutes 15th November 2016 – Public

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 1st Dec 2015 – public

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 6th December 2016

FC Minutes 20th December 2016

2015 Minutes

Minutes 20th January 2015

Minutes 17th February 2015 Public

Minutes 17th March 2015

Minutes 21st April 2015 Public

Minutes Annual Council Meeting 19th May 2015

Minutes 16th June 2015 Public

Minutes 21st July 2015

Minutes 17th August 2015 Extraordinary Meeting Buses

Minutes 15th Sept 2015 – Public

Minutes 20th Oct 2015

Minutes 17th Nov 2015

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 1st Dec 2015 – public

Minutes 15th Dec 2015 – Public

2014 Minutes

Minutes 21st January 2014

Minutes 18th February 2014

Minutes 18th March 2014 Public

Minutes 15th April 2014 Public

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 6th May 2014

Minutes Annual Council Meeting 20th May 2014

Minutes 17th June 2014 Public

Minutes 15th July 2014 Public

Minutes 16th September 2014 Public

Minutes 21st Oct 2014 Public

Minutes 18th November 2014

Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 2nd December 2014

Minutes 16th December 2014 Public

2013 Minutes

Minutes 15th January 2013

Minutes 19th February 2013

Minutes 19th March 2013

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 9th April 2013

Minutes 16th April 2013

Annual Council Minutes 14th May 2013

Minutes 18th June 2013

Minutes 16th July 2013

Minutes 17th September 2013 Public

Minutes 15th October 2013

Minutes 19th November 2013

Minutes 17th December 2013

For earlier Minutes please contact the Parish Office